About Us

About HariOm Multivision Corporation Pvt. Ltd

"Hariom Group" has become the gold standard of HR Support, IT Solution, Recruitment, Official & Industrial Stationery Electrical Projects and Admin Services in Baramati & Pune. We have a reputation of being the first at many things in our region, whether it is applyingthe latest technologies, using advanced technology, cost effective and quality assured service which has never been introduced before in Baramati & Pune.
Our commitment to business ethics has earned us enormous goodwill. We intend to serve on this by continuing to create world class products and services for our customers. Our aim is to improve the quality of service for those who have placed their trust in us and the industries we serve.
The employment sector is already amongst the fastest growing in the world and in the comming decades, is likely to emerge as one of the largest in the world. We confidently believe that to take advantage of the greater than before need for excellence in real estate & industries.

Our Directors

Mr. Balasaheb Shinde
Founder and Chairman

I am proudly introduce that "Hariom Multivision Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd.", located at Baramati surviving the HR Support services and our thinking of putting customers interests first. "Hariom Group" is led by experience and energetic people focused on the company's core competencies...

Mr. Ganesh Shinde
Managing Director

The "Hariom Multivision Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd!' constantly evolving in order to outshine in today's fiercely compitative business environment. It is important to be dynamic and have the capacity to change and pursue new business opportunities at the appropriate times...